Let the Trying Begin

After nearly 10 years on birth control my husband and I were ready to start our family... and that's when I stop getting my period, natch.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Keeping Optimism at Bay

I don't like to fail at anything. Of course, no one does, but for me, it sometimes keeps me from doing and trying things for fear of failure. I've been so fortunate in my life that so many things have been so easy for me, but I only like to try at things when I know I can succeed. Which is why I have 85% of a book proposal put together, but have yet to make any more progress on it nearly 9 months later. Go figure.

Good friends of ours shared news of their pregnancy last night over dinner. They're 7 weeks along. I'm very excited for them -- I knew they were trying, and she's familiar with what we're going through at this point. Part of me optimistically hopes that we'll both be pregnant together (though she's going to be delivering in early May, and if we're successful this cycle we won't be due until mid-late June), but another part of me doesn't like even the fact that I've now typed that "outloud", for fear that it won't happen.

Metformin Question: when the doc told me to take Metformin, she said to stop taking it if I was getting an HSG, because the dye is processed through your liver, much as Metformin is -- I'm having an MRI with contrast (unrelated to fertility) on Monday -- any ideas if I'm supposed to stop before the MRI, or after and for how long? (Yes, I'll ask my doctor too.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AF Arrives: Cycle 2 Begins

Ok, it may be sad, but I have never *ever* been as excited about the arrival of AF before in my life -- well, maybe when I was 18 and had taken a (thankfully negative) HPT in the bathroom of a Chilis Restaurant. My last cycle was a whopping 37 days -- I'll be curious to see if that changes this cycle, since I'll be on the Metformin full-dosage for the whole time.

It's weird too, because this is my first *real* AF of 2006 -- I forgot about all the achy muscles and other unpleasantness, but now that I'm hopeful that the Metformin has gotten me ovulating, I don't mind so much.

We were OOT last weekend for a babyshower, and the inquisitions about when we're planning to start our family have been ever increasing. It may see overly optimistic, but I hope I'll have good news to share by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Charting Clues

Not a whole lot of excitement to report at this point, but I've been trying out a couple of different charting programs to decide if I want to invest in one or not. Being the nerd that I am, I like being able to type in the data on my computer and see the graphs and get the feedback that some of the software offers. I tryed the TCOYF free trial and I'm currently using the free VIP trial of Fertility Friend. I prefer Fertility Friend, though I'm not sure exactly why... perhaps it's because it says I ovulated? And that you can share your Fertility Friend chart. I've still got quite a bit of time on the trial at FF, so we'll see how that goes before I make any committments.

According to FF, I'm on 9dpo. While I'd be thrilled if I was pregnant this cycle, I'd actually be nearly as happy if AF came -- it would be my first non-Provera period in 2006, and it would make me feel like the Metformin was doing its job. Perhaps it's too early to hope for that to happen (I haven't even been on the full dose of Metformin for this whole cycle), but we'll see.

We're heading out of town to go to a babyshower this weekend... Because our friend was on bedrest for the last 10 weeks of her pregnancy, they decided to wait to have the shower until after the baby's arrival, and I'm excited to meet their new family member.