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Monday, August 14, 2006

An Update...

So, it's been a while since I've posted... sorry... I've been busy!

I've been slowly building up my dosage of Metformin. I'm now taking 2 pills (1000 mg) a day, and will build up to the full dose of 1500 mg starting on Wednesday. I'm feeling pretty fortunate, as I haven't had any of the gastrointestinal issues that other folks have complained about. I've been trying to tone down my carb consumption a bit, and haven't been drinking much (alcohol), so perhaps that's helping, but overall, I don't think I can complain. I was hoping for some of the weight-loss that folks had reported with Metformin, but so far, nothing notable.

Still, with all the tough stuff I've seen other infertiles going through, and with the possibilities that might lie ahead of me, I'm trying not to whine much about depriving myself of alcohol.

I must say though, I do feel like a total pill-popper... first thing in the morning, I take my temperature for my efforts at charting, then I get up and take my prenatal vitamin and some folic acid/vitamin b combo that my RE prescribed along with a cracker to keep the nauseau at bay. Generally I can make it the hour until it's time to have breakfast/take my first dosage of Metformin without feeling too dizzy. I don't have to take another Metformin until dinnertime right now, but it does seem constantly on my mind to remember. When I suggested I might want one of those pill cases, DH laughed and said I'm not old enough to need a pill organizer. Little does he know how short my memory is -- on Friday, I had to pour out the entire bottle of Metformin to calculate whether I had taken a pill 30 minutes earlier or not.

Some good news: a friend of mine who is using the same clinic I am is about 4 weeks pregnant with twins! It was her third IVF cycle, but her first cycle at Columbia, and she and her husband are positively thrilled. I'm so happy for them. The optimistic me thinks that if the clinic can make it work for someone who is 38 and then they can probably help me.


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