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After nearly 10 years on birth control my husband and I were ready to start our family... and that's when I stop getting my period, natch.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Peeing On Sticks

So, I've been peeing on OP sticks every morning since CD10 (today is CD20) and nothing has shown up as positive. I was using Clearblue Easy ones, and then I switched to Answer. The Answer ones are about 1/2 price, but they are a bit of a pain, since they require you to pee in a cup, then dip the stick to take a reading. I think I'll revert to the midstream ones once I finish up this package.

It's a bit premature to think that the Metformin has worked, since I've only been on the full dosage for not quite 2 weeks, but the Clearblue test lines were looking almost as dark as the control lines. We've been trying to do the baby dance every other day, and have been pretty good about it -- though it does feel odd to be on a bit of a "schedule."

One funny thing that happened was that DH saw one of the tests on the counter and was convinced it was positive, even though I had read it and thought it was negative. He showed it to me, and I also thought it was positive --I was pretty excited, though cynical about it. After the initial elation wore off, I looked at it again, and realized we had been reading the side that said Ovulation, which is actually the "control" line not the "test" line. Such a smart pair we are.

Not much else to report, but I feel like i've been neglecting my blog, so I'll try to do better.


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