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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Call me, call me any, anytime

I'm proactive. OK, perhaps I'm just antsy. But when the RE told me to call "at the end of this week, early next week" of course I'm going to call on Friday.

Friday afternoon: Me: "I had some testing done Monday for Nurse: "Sorry, the results aren't in yet. When we have to send the labwork out to Quest (this has to do with Aetna), it can take 7-10 days for the results to come back."

Monday 2:30 ish:
Nurse: "Yes, the results are in, everything looks normal."
Me: "Does that mean I should start taking the Metformin?"
Nurse: "I need to check with the Dr. about that. She's not in today."
Me: "My bottle of Metformin says to take 1 a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week, then 4 a day. Is this right? I thought it was supposed to be working up to a total of 3 (1500 mg). "
Nurse: "That's odd, normally it's 3 -- you have 500 mg pills? I will check on that when I talk to the RE."
Me: "So, you'll call me tomorrow?"
Nurse: "Yes"

Tuesday 4:01 p.m.:
Me: "I talked to a nurse yesterday about my bloodwork, and she was supposed to talk to the doctor and get back to me today."
Receptionist: "I'm sorry, the nurses leave at 4 p.m. I can check to see if anyone is available. momentary hold Sorry, they're all gone for the day. I can take a message and leave it in the nurses basket, then you can call tomorrow anytime after 10 a.m.

Wednesday 10:01 a.m.
Me: "I'm calling about my Metformin bloodwork. The nurse told me monday my results were in and that she would talk to the doctor about instructions and double check my dosage and call me back, but she didn't, so I'm following up.
Nurse: "Well, the results just came in. They weren't here on Monday, and the doctor hasn't had a chance to review them."
Me: "Will you call me back after you find out how I should proceed?"
Nurse: "What number should we call?"
Me: 212-555-5555. Can you please leave a message if I'm not here?"
Nurse: "You want us to leave a message with the instructions?"
Me: "No, just leave me a message with some fashion tips."

Thursday night, perhaps early Friday morning:
Nurse (on answering machine): "We wanted to let you know that the results of your bloodwork were all normal and you should begin taking the Metformin. Take 500 mg for a week, then 1000 mg for another week and then 1500 mg during week 3.

After a very late night snack, I popped my last Provera and my first Metformin. We'll see what happens now.

Is it weird that I'm mildly excited about trying to chart and using the OPK? I think it is, but I'm alright with that.


  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger ms. c said…

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome. I certainly understand where you are coming from and where you're headed.
    Hope you don't have to stick around here long!


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