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After nearly 10 years on birth control my husband and I were ready to start our family... and that's when I stop getting my period, natch.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't We Try Like Regular People?

I have my first appointment with the RE my OB/GYN referred me to on Friday. I've been reading tons of blogs to get an idea of what exactly to expect. After talking to a friend who's undergoing their 3rd IVF cycle, I decided DH should accompany me on Friday. He's totally supportive and understanding, though he seems sorta surprised that they'd want to do anything to test his little swimmers.

My OB/GYN insisted that I'm not really "infertile" (at least not yet.) Last night, my husband said to me "Can't we try like regular people?" but I don't see how you can really do that if it seems that I'm not ovulating. Does anyone have any insight into what the protocol might be for the first steps? Will they put me on clomid right away or are there other things they try to just get the ovulation going?


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